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Green Room - Week 7 - Day 2

If you've been missing it, there is a lot of interesting discussion going on in the Work Room about concrit and it's place in Idol. 


Over the years, I've seen two very distinct groups develop when it comes to this subject. Well, more than two, since there are shades and aspects involved - but Idol has a history of diversity, so that's hardly surprising! 

But for the purpose of this, let's just call it "two sides" for the sake of simplicity! ;) 


One side champions the idea of increasing the work shop aspect of the community, utilizing concrit as a tool to help each other grow as writers. Some folks are better than others at giving it, but any sincere and constructive comment for a writer to consider about their work is a good thing. 


On the other, and just as passionate - are people who have argued that they don't want to hear it, unless you specifically ask.  Kind of the "when I want your opinion, I'll ask for it" response. Which, maybe that's unfair to put it that way, but hey, it's funny, so I'm going with it! ;) 

Given the strength of convictions that have come out - Idol's official stance on all of this is you are adults, figure it out. Which is apparently a controversial stance on its own - the idea that I'm not going to tell people that they have to accept concrit if they don't want it, and that I'm not going to stop it from being posted by people who want to post it. 


It's your feedback. I have faith in you that you will figure out exactly what kind of feedback you want - and go out and "be that change" that you want to see. 


There have been seasons where there has been more of a "You rock!" tone to the responses - and others where there has been a backlash to it.  But even with the backlash, it always seemed that people were waiting around for someone else to swoop in and give them the type of feedback that they wanted. 


That's not how these things work. If you want better quality, and more useful feedback - lead by example. Give people the type of feedback and attention that you want for your own entries. Maybe you will get it. Maybe you won't. But at least you have put something out there into the narrative of the kind of season, the type of experience, you want to have. 


I can't force you to do anything you aren't willing to do. Neither can anyone else. If you want it, you have to get out there and do it. 


If you would rather not participate, don't. If someone gives you concrit, feel free to ignore them. Heck, if you feel strongly enough - delete it, or filter - whatever you want to do with it. Maybe print it out and make it into a hat. It is your space after all. 


it's your experience. Everyone but one person is going to walk out of here this season. So it's a really  just a matter of what you will have done with that time and opportunity. 


With everything else going on - I want to make sure that everyone takes the time to check out the results from last week: - because these are also people who took the time and opportunity to spend their time in Idol, along with the rest of you. I hope we will continue to see them, writing in the Home Game, but its always a good thing to stop over and say goodbye. After all, it comes down to how you want to be treated when you end up being eliminated. 



The new topic is up:  and is already causing a bit of a stir. It should make for an interesting, and fun, week! 


Also, before I forget - Congratulations Top 200!. You have outlasted over 100 contestants! Good job!

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