onyxblue (onyxblue1) wrote in therealljidol,


newsong has suggested that the FAQ (which is actually currently a collection of entries, rather than a single, cohesive piece, and I just updated the link on the profile to go to the tag page, rather than the initial FAQ entry) may not be complete. I must say that I am shocked, Rick, shocked to find that there are people out there who can't read clauderainsrm's mind!*

So, while you're waiting for entries for this week, and hanging out in the Green Room, if you come up with questions you don't think have been adequately addressed, ask them here. Also, if there's something you think has been addressed, just maybe in the comments to another post somewhere and so not added to the FAQ tag page, mention it here.


*Please don't make me tell you why you should be laughing at that. It's really funny. Trust me.
Tags: faq

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