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Work Room - Week 5

It's time for another Work Room, and another Mentor. Thanks for putting up with me ranting at you last week.

One of the things that I love about Idol is the wealth of talented people who have passed through these halls.

Idol has played host to some amazing and diverse group. This one is no exception.

It's one of those times when you look at someone's resume, and their life, and realize "Wow, we've got something special here". That is one of my personal goals with the Mentor program. To recognize these people, and to tap into that in order to help out everyone else in the community who might be struggling, After all, everyone struggles at one point or another.

I'd recommend anyone in Idol who wants the extra help with the new topic to take advantage of any and all advice that she can give to you.


Greeting All. Our Fearless Leader has kindly asked me to help out in the workroom.

So who am I?

Well out on Live Journal my handle is puppetmaker40. On most of the rest of the Internet, I am either know as Puppetmaker or Kath the Puppeteer. But y’all can call me Kath.

Why am I here?

Well I was asked very nicely. So the follow up might be why me?

My career path has been varied to say the least but it comes back to books and writing quite often. I have managed both comic book and regular bookstores. I have been a librarian’s assistant and work in collection management for a university. I am a published author in a variety of forms. And I am an editor. I worked at Del Rey books and I currently work for Space and Time Magazine.

I have also participated in this little contest for the past couple of years getting as far as the top 10.

What am I to do?

Well I think Tea did a good job giving a bit of structure to what is going on in the work room so I plan to follow in her footsteps.

So I am here to help you with the topic at hand. But I will not write your paper for you (sorry flashing back to the AOL homework room I use to run back in the day).

When and Where?

Well here please. I will be stopping by one or twice a day to look things over. PMing me can be a dead end at times since (as some of you will attest) I can be lousy looking at those. I will tend to be looking in the AM East Coast time and after 5 PM East Coast time since those tend to be my free time zones.

So that’s my intro. I am looking forward to your questions and essays.
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