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Results - Week 2

Now comes to worst part of the job.

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to people at the end of each week. It always sucks, but the first round of eliminations are a little bit more so, because these are usually people who were just getting started. Community Only voting has a long and storied history of producing unexpected results. I think this qualifies as continuing that trend.

Looking at the list, there are people that I know and like quite a bit - as well as some newbies that I was just getting to know.

Almost all of the votes came down to a couple votes. Which I think says a lot about the writers this season, and the tough choices ahead.

It certainly says a lot about the people who had to courage to step up and try something that a lot of people "out there" say that they are going to do, but never actually do. Stepping up to the plate and taking a shot at putting themselves out there.

That's a huge accomplishment right there. I certainly hope that we will see all of you in the Home Game (continuing to write on the topics, and linking them in the Green Room so people can enjoy them without the voting aspect).

Leaving us this week are:


You never know what is going to happen next with Idol, and there is certainly a precedent for people to come back into the competition at latter point.

There are two other tribes with results on the line, with two very different situations.

In Tribe 8, for those who missed it, witchdollie sacrificed by dropping out during a poll. This means that no one else in that tribe will be eliminated.

Tribe 7 is a different story. There we had a tie:

Early this season, we are going to handle those a little differently than we had in the past - you will not be writing an extra topic at this point during a tie-breaker. However, you will be placed in a special tie-breaker tribe where you will go head to head. Think of it as our Redemption Island. :)

All in all - a rough week for voting, but wow, what a great week for reading. I hope that everyone found some new favorites - and highly encourage people to go back and read those leaving us today, to see what you may have missed.
Tags: eliminations, season 8, week 2

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