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The Big Announcement

Now that we have crowned our newest Idol (if you haven't gone over there to congratulate her yet, you should. I'll wait. Back? OK. I'll continue) I seem to recall that I promised a "Big Announcement" of something that has been in the works behind the scenes for some time now.

Most of you know about Idol Musings. Hopefully you have a copy or three.

It's a great book.

Our friends at Fey Publishing have decided that it did well enough to justify a second volume! Given how much great material has appeared in Idol since the release of that book, I have really high hopes for it being even better than the first!

Here is the official word from the folks at Fey:

Fey Publishing is pleased to announce that we are now open to submissions for Idol Meanderings: Stories and Essays Inspired By An Online Writing Competition, the follow up to the first collection of the best of LJ Idol. The deadline for submissions is August 21st, 2011.

Who is eligible to submit?
Anyone who has ever been a contestant, no matter how briefly, or who has home gamed and linked their entry to an official Idol thread.

Are there any conditions of entry?
Everyone who is accepted for inclusion in the second volume will have to produce at least one further entry based on a Gary provided prompt, which may or may not be included in the final collection. You will have a month to write this (so more time than a typical Idol entry!) and if you do not produce it, then none of your entries will be in Idol Meanderings.

I was in Idol Musings. Can I still be in the new book?
Yes. Anyone who was in the first book will be eligible to be in the second book.

But I sent all my best material for the first book. Is there any point in submitting?
Idol Meanderings has one major difference to Idol Musings, which was compiled based on entries that had been officially submitted. This time around, should you feel that there are prompts you didn't write on or would like to do-over, you are more than entitled to write on one of those and submit that for consideration (although you will still need to produce the extra piece mentioned earlier).

Where should I send my pieces to?
In the first instance, please email your entries to

What formats are acceptable?
Word documents or links to your LJ are fine. If you link to LJ, please ensure that the entry is public if you are unsure that we have access to your f-list.

I heard that anyone can submit and they will be accepted. Is this true?
No. Just like last time, we will not accept every single piece submitted, nor will every single writer who submit be included. We are aiming for a more streamlined text this time, so competition for inclusion will be all the more fierce. Make sure you pick your very best work!

Are you accepting recommendations this time around?
We will not be approaching people directly unless there are exceptional circumstances. We strongly advise that if you wish to be part of the book that you submit yourself and do not wait for someone else to put you forward.

Will I be paid for inclusion?
There is no monetary payment for being in the book. However, not only do you get the chance to put "published author" on your writing CV for future submissions, you will receive one complimentary copy of the book and the right to purchase further copies at a 40% discount, meaning that you can treat your friends and family!

Wait - I have other questions!
Then please email them to
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