clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Season 7 Winner

An unpredictable and wild end to an unpredictable and wild season!

I was beginning to think that I had to get the tie-breaker ready!

It came down to one vote. One single vote.

As it has all season long, time and time again, that one lone voice that doesn't think that it can have a say in much of anything, ends up deciding everything.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has made this season so very special. Thank you to both kithan and kittenboo for assisting when their hectic schedules allowed. Thank you to spydielives for creating such spectacular graphics this season.
Thank you to every contestant, and every last voter - and to everyone who has ever left even a single comment on one entry. You are what makes doing this worthwhile.

I promised to announce the worst kept secret on LJ, at the end, so here it is (and I may have already said this before) - but the end of the Season 9 is going to be our final season. The big fade to black. Which means it is even more important than ever to cherish each and every moment we have left together.

People always tell me that Idol has given them so much. At first I thought they were just being nice, or joking. Over time, I learned just how true that was, and just what happens to people as a result of one little idea.

They want to know how they can "give back" and show appreciation. The answer to that is pretty simple - be "Pro-Idol". Tell your stories, talk to your friends, spread the word. Support things that make Idol stronger and reject the people who always come out of the woodwork during our down-time to try to take a piece of this experience for themselves. What they never realize, and I hope that you do is that Idol isn't just a writing competition, or a community, or even a rollercoaster without any brakes, this is a labor of love. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you, and for returning that love right back to each other, and Idol itself.

Go out, enjoy your lives and bring those stories back here next season, and bring some friends. We'd love to meet them.

But that's not why we came to this Banquet Hall now is it? That's not why this amazing buffet was assembled.

We came here to find out how the season ended, and to celebrate the achievement that each and every person had. Because, as many of you have noted, you win by showing up. You win every single time you take a chance and commit to putting yourself out there, one more time.

Our final three certainly did that.

Our third place finisher, and the new highest ranking male finalist of all time. and highest ranking newbie of the season, is the incredible hosticle_fifer

Our second place finisher, by a single vote, is the ever-amazing mstrobel

Our winner? Our winner is someone that I thought had a good shot at winning it every single time she showed up, and has shown that you never know what is going to happen, as long as you continue to get back up, as long as you continue to fight - is amenquohi!

Congratulations amenquohi, our Season 7 LJ Idol!!!

It's been one hell of a finish to one hell of a season!

The bar is now open and help yourself to the buffet.

Dreslinski out.
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