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Results - Week 31

As I've been following the vote totals today, whenever I would refresh, my remarks were pretty much the same, "OMG!"

Having refreshed that final time, and closing the poll, that changed to "My girlfriend is going to kill me".

She LOVES the bicycle to the moon story, and knowing that I am snuffing the torch of the guy who gave that to her, that's going to make her sad.

I'm sure she won't be the only feeling that way tonight.

Because today we say goodbye to the one (and last time I checked) only joeymichaels! Our Spirit for this season. He officially finishes Fourth in Season 7, out of a field of 261.

Which is a pretty impressive feat. He is also the highest ranking non-winning Spirit, which I'm sure isn't any sort of consolation at all. But it is an interesting fact.

Not bad for everyone's second favorite member of the Michaels household! Not bad at all!

As much as I loved his work last season, I think I enjoyed what was coming out week after week this season ever more. Which is saying quite a bit given that I'm a pretty big fan of his writing.

Any result this week would have had the equivalent of a sledge hammer to the belly, so that I'm feeling that way right now really isn't a surprise. I can't even go to the standard "please Home Game" because there's only one topic left for the finalists before the curtain goes down. I hope that I really don't have to say "please stick around!". I would hope he already knows that!

Goodbye Joey, and Godspeed You Black Emperor.
Tags: eliminations, season 7, week 31
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