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Jury Decision

There was another big decision today, finalized an hour before the poll.

As advertised, the Jury was charged to make the biggest decision ever handed to an Idol Jury. It is the most influence ever handed to that body to impact the Finale, and true to form, it came down to one vote, one ranking to be precise.

Before we get to that decision, I want to thank them. There are so many people who are eliminated, and we never hear from them again until it is time for them to step back into the spotlight for a new season. By serving on the Jury, and by casting your votes every week, you continue to help and support Idol, and your fellow writers. It is an act that comes from wanting the best possible results, and genuine caring about the outcome. Which I very much appreciate, and I know the community does as well.

Thank you for your service, and I officially disband you for Season 7. :)

I hope you will continue to stick around and see how this plays out.

What was the decision though? What did it come down to a single ranking of the Top 6?

I asked the Jury to rank their favorite set of entries, and whoever had the lowest point total - who was left in the competition after this vote would be walking away with a huge prize. A crucial prize.

As I said, it came down to one vote. But 5 of the 6 were within four points. (and the 6th wasn't very far off either) In other words, a single ballot ranking could have produced completely different results. I think that speaks volume to the diversity, and talent of this group.

What is this amazing power? It's the Final immunity. To be kept for themselves, or given out (before the voting starts next round) to someone else.

The person awarded this by the Jury has been given the power to determine one member of the Final 3.

By "Final 3", I mean just that - the Finals, the Finale, the Last Gasp of Season 7, Why We Are Here.

We have 4 contestants remaining, and one of them has a guaranteed spot, thanks to the Jury of their peers, to keep, or give away.

Who is that contestant? Oddly enough, it's the same person who came within one vote of leaving us this week! Apparently, he just likes living on the edge!

Congratulations to hosticle_fifer!
Tags: immunity, jury, season 7, week 31
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