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Results - Week 30

The only "good" thing about making this announcement is that I do so with the knowledge that it won't be the most upsetting news of the day in most circles.

It still really sucks though.

I think "really sucks" is putting it mildly. But, regardless of how that poll came out, it was going to really suck.

The remaining 6 were just so damn good that it was an impossible decision.

amenquohi had immunity, which meant there were 5 people going for 3 spots. It was bound to be heartbreaking.

But you know what? We are talking about people who made the TOP 6 out of 261 contestants this season! It's kind of difficult to see that as anything other than a victory.

These are people who produced astonishing work and who have kept us entertained for months!
They are going out because only one person to win. Nothing more, nothing less.

I think the work speaks for itself, and I urge everyone to go back and check out their entire body of work. If you came in late, you will see what you missed! Heck, if you were here the entire time you may have missed it! 261 is a lot of people, and a ton of entries!!

In 6th place for Season 7 - yachiru

The second person leaving is complicated by joeymichaels using his final immunity token to save himself. That means the contestant with the next fewest votes will be leaving us.
Which means that a single vote will decide who will end up leaving us this week.

In 5th place - java_fiend

An amazing newbie and an old favorite, both who continued to get stronger the deeper they went into the competition. It was a privilege to read both of you this season.

Thank you so much to both of you for an amazing season!
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