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Vote - Week 30

A few words from clauderainsrm:
6 contestants with 6 entries each. Correction - 6 amazing contestants with 6 outstanding entries each.

Seriously. If you read nothing else for the next couple of days, do yourself a favor and sit down and just read these things. Tell your friends to read these things. Not "support so and so", but actually to sit down and read. Because you will be doing them a favor to introduce them to these entries.

We are really close to the finish line, and at the final week of the Jury. I have them working on another task (the email will be arriving shortly Jury members. Shhh!) but the task that is normally theirs - determining immunity for the week is out of their hands. Or rather they set up the scenario with every previous action.
Of the 6, only one of them has made it to this spot without having immunity, which means that she gets it now.

I could have held that information - but really, anyone who has been following along knew it was coming. It would have been one of the worst kept secrets ever! ;)

So, the Jury awards immunity to amenquohi! Congratulations! If there was a week to have it, this was it. She can not be eliminated, and has a guaranteed spot in the Top Four.

Did I say "Four"? Yes I did.

We are losing two this week.

Which isn't "tough" or "brutal", it's - well, it's the sort of thing that rips out your heart and shows it to you.

To get down to the last one standing, our next LJ Idol though, it's what is going to happen.

The poll is a little different today, in that the "entries" links will take you to well all 6 entries have been collected. It's my personal LJ, which I thought would be fun, given that it was where all of this *motions to the community* began, 7 seasons ago.

Other than that, it's business as usual. We will be losing the bottom two - and there is still a Spirit immunity out there, and it's the final week it can be played!

So take your time, read the entries, comment (everyone loves feedback) and vote for your favorites!

The poll will close Tuesday July 5th at 9pm EDT.
Good luck to everyone!

Poll #1757692 LJ Idol, Season Seven, Week Thirty
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:


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