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Green Room - Week 30 - Day 1

To clear up any confusion, and to make sure that everyone has seen them, "What did Gary mean" by posting the topics in two threads and

Does that mean that current contestants need to write BOTH of them? Yes.

Does the second one mentioning "a friend" mean that you have to get a friend to write them? No. That means that it is a "friend" to the first topic. Topics like having friends too you know.

Will there be more? That would be telling. But if you are in the Top 6 and you aren't prepared to be hit with something. . .

Can I tie the entries together? If you mean write it as a continuing story - sure. If you mean write them as one story with one link, no. If you mean physically tying up the story - you need to talk to the topics about that. It's all about consent from all parties involved. If they are OK with it - why should anyone else have a problem? I do know that Topic - Week 30 (2)'s SO doesn't go for that sort of thing, so obviously that's off the table. There is still (1) and anything that comes after! You don't have to tie up every single topic out there! Geez, you've got a problem! :P

Where was I? Oh yes! If you are a current contestant - Write both entries and any that come after. If you are Home Gamer, there might be a thread a little later. We'll see how good you end up being!! *looks around the room... yeah, that's kind of what I figured!)

Speaking of being hit with something - how about those results from last night? Wow. I'm still recovering from that one! :)
Tags: day 01, green room, season 7, week 30
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