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Results - Week 29

Grab a seat, a piece of paper, a pen, an abacus, string, a couple of darts and some paper towels. Because you are going to need them.

This is where I usually talk about how proud everyone should be for getting here - but let's be frank, you should know that by now.

The people here are the Top 8 out of a field of 261!! That is saying it all right there! They were 8 amazing entries, and somehow we had to get down to 6 this week! That's not a task, that is a hardcore challenge for people to chose their favorites out of this crowd!

Now of course comes the part where I tell you something you probably already know, joeymichaels used one of his two immunity tokens to save himself. Which means he is advancing to the next round.

What even the Jury didn't know when they were submitting the name of who they wanted to give immunity to this week was that they were in fact handing out two immunities this week! You know, just to make things a little more interesting. Don't worry though Jury, I still have a very interesting duty for you next week!

The two contestants who received immunity were: java_fiend and mstrobel!

Congratulations to both of you! That means that those two are safe from the vote as well.

Which leaves us with a field of 5 possible contestants left for consideration, and 2 of them leaving us.

That means that yachiru is going. . . ah, but wait. . . I have an email right there that says something different.

I have someone who believes in her work so much that he is willing to throw himself on the sword instead!!

Given where we are in the competition - that sort of loyalty and admiration - I will admit that I'm a little at loss for words, especially since there were actually two of those contestants vying for the right to do that for her.

That says a lot right there.

So, we instead say goodbye to her apparent champion, alephz instead.

We have one more to lose, and in true Hunger Games fashion (to be honest, I haven't read it, but I assume this is the sort of thing that could ever well happen) we are saying goodbye to the_vernacular as well.

Two top notched writers, and people - leaving the competition and joining the Jury, to make the biggest decision a Jury has ever been given!

Thank you so much for everything you have brought to this season!
Tags: eliminations, jury, season 7, week 29
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