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Results - Week 28

Wow. What a crazy ride!! It was a crazy end to a crazy week. I'm pretty sure I busted my F5 finger!!

If nothing else, an Idol poll keeps your blood pumping!!

This poll was one more decision, in a long line, that led us to this place. It's a path that goes back to Week 1 when contestants had to pick which entry they were going to write. That led them into tribes, which dictated who they competed against for the first part of the competition. This week, we went back and did the other side - again, deciding who they were going to be directly competing against.

Our Spirit, joeymichaels was faced with the decision of what to do with the two polls. He decided that one contestant would go from the smaller poll and two from the larger.

Again, which is something that will play itself out in the bigger picture of what we know as Season 7.

Next, it was the Jury's turn to have their say. They cast their votes for each group. Which means that this particular week there are two immunities at stake.

For the "Winding Up" group, they decided to continue what seems to be the "in" thing to do this week - and awarded it to joeymichaels! Congratulations.

In that case, it means that we are saying goodbye to two absolutely incredible new faces to Idol - who I hope will become old friends. Goodbye to serpentpixie and vaguelyclear.

For the "Here There Be Dragons" group, it was a close one, but the tie was eventually broken and the contestant receiving immunity this week is alephz. Congratulations.

He did turn out to need it this week. Since he is safe, the next lowest vote getter will be eliminated - unfortunately, that means that we are saying goodbye to the amazing and talented pixiebelle.

Thank you to all three of you for amazing runs this season and for continuing to delight us with your entries!! I hope that we will continue to see you for the duration of the competition in the Home Game (and around the Green Room), more to the point though, I look forward to hearing from you as part of the Jury helping to decide how the rest of this season will play out!!
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