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Spirit of LJ Idol

Since Season 2, we have had a ritual at LJ Idol to celebrate one individual, chosen by their peers as "The Spirit of LJ Idol".

This person is given a banner, an icon, a choice of special powers... and of course the knowledge that their peers picked them.

This season, I opened the vote up to the members of the Jury as well. It was the first time it's ever happened, and I wondered how it would impact the results.

It did not.

I calculated, for my own curiosity, the results both ways, and the same person was atop both polls. . .

Pretty much every season I have someone in mind, that with an idea of who is voting, that I think is going to be selected.

I'm usually wrong.

This season - I was wrong again. :) The voters surprised me - but with a field like this, it was going to be in a good way! How could it not be???

There were solid arguments to be made for every single contestant.

They definitely surprised me by the margins. Voting for Spirit, traditionally, comes down to the wire. This time - it wasn't close. There was one figure that stood out in the voting on nearly every ballot.

It is the first veteran to win *and* the first male to take the honor. . .

The Spirit of LJ Idol for Season 7 is


An email with the choices of special powers you have will be on their way, as well as your nifty new banner! (the icon is coming, as soon as I can find it again! ;) )

Congratulations and thank you for being what Season 7 is all about!!!
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