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Vote - Week 28

A few words from clauderainsrm:
There are decisions that are made and decisions ahead of you. Each one of them has an impact on what comes after, building until only one person is left standing - our next LJ IDOL.

You decided what to write in Week 1. That helped decide what tribe you were going to be in to start the competition. That is also what decided what grouping you would be this week.

Over the course of the season, people have exited the game, now we have 11. We are about to have three less.

Two contestants are leaving from one poll. One contestant is leaving for the other.

Who will be making that decision? The contestants, and Jury members will. How? By selecting their Spirit of the LJ Idol for Season 7, they will be putting that decision in her/his hands. The person you name will have a major call to make, one that will have a deep impact on how things shake out this week, right out of the box. That's why they are the Spirit, and have your respect and trust. . . to make the difficult decisions for the good of the competition!!

I'm not going to lie - after reading through the entries this week, the voters have their work cut out for them determining on who makes it to the next round and who gets cut. There is just some damn good stuff out there, and all of pretty different. It's always a matter of taste - but with fewer entries to choose from, that comes more to the forefront.

Heck, the Jury is going to have their work cut out for them in determining who receives immunity! :)

So make sure to read, comment and vote!! Your favorites will certainly appreciate it! (Especially the commenting part - people love constructive feedback.)

The polls will close Friday June 17th at 8pm EDT. Good luck to everyone!

Poll #1752355 LJ Idol, Season Seven, Week Twenty-Eight: Winding Up
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:


Poll #1752356 LJ Idol, Season Seven, Week Twenty-Eight: Here There Be Dragons
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:


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