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Spirit of LJ Idol

Since Season 2, we have had a ritual here in LJ Idol.

It's a very special vote. Some people value it more than winning. Most of those actually won as well. ;)

As originally conceived, it was an award for the contestant that people thought "Man, if this was based on who has really uplifted me and helped make this a wonderful experience - they would win!"

As it turned out, there is a 3-2 advantage for the person winning this to actually turn around and win the whole thing as well. Which was surprising. But certainly not a guarantee. . . nor should it be.

HOWEVER it is someone that you, as a group, are saying that you trust enough to give them a title and special powers that could make a major impact on how this all ends. You could very well be putting your game in their hands. . .

Who are they?

They will become Season 7's Spirit of LJ Idol. Who has done the most. Who has meant the most to your experience here.

It's time to give them that little bit extra - because you think they are what this season is all about... or SHOULD BE.... who transformed your landscape and made a positive impact on the competition?

This season there is one special twist... a first time for us, hopefully it works... this season the Jury will also be able to vote!!!

In the past it's just been the people still in the competition, but the Jury are going to be able to have a say as well.

Who is eligible??? Well, that hasn't changed. It's the 11 current competitors. So make a list of 1-11, who you most want to have it to who you really wouldn't be putting on the top of your personal list... and send to (DO NOT POST IT HERE) by Thursday June 16th at 7pm EDT.

Thank you - and thank you to everyone for making this season special.
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