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Green Room - Week 27 - Day 6

I've been noticing some new faces coming in over the last couple of days, and the return of some old friends. Thank you very much for being here.

I hope to see you around for the rest of the season, and quite a bit once Season 8 rolls around! :) is where the action is at - the poll, the main event, the showdown between the forces of evil and more evil!!! :)

There is a Free Topic out there: - where I use my supreme and unbending power to get people to write stories/entries for the most special woman in the known, or unknown universe.

So, there's a couple things for you to do.

This, of course, for those unfamiliar with it - is the Green Room. For those who have had traumatic blackouts, you will forget this in a few minutes anyway after you take your mediciation. The Green Room is a common area for people to chat and get to know each other. It is also for the loading and unloading of all passengers coming to and from their flights.

One of the things that people always ask me, after the obvious "How is it possible for one man to be so devastatingly handsome?" is "Who do you want to win this season?" It's not just this season, it's every season. For some reason people think I'm going to answer that!

I'm not - for a very specific reason, it doesn't matter who *I* want to win. :) I have one vote. I use it to vote for everyone!

Currently, I have 14 favorites, each of them is someone that I think will bring something very different as a winner.

Of course I want a talented writer. I have 14 of those at the moment.
Do I want someone who is going to be supportive of Idol? Of course. I think all of them fit that.

Given that there is no guarantee that I'm going to use them as a Gatekeeper, you would think that aspect wasn't as important, but there is overall feeling of I want my winner to be someone that I can trust and can interact well with. Someone that other people admire and trust as well.

Someone that I will be proud to forget their actual name because I only call them "7". :)

Six seasons have managed to do a fantastic job at selecting an Idol so far. I have every faith that the seventh is going to follow suit. Will it be an unanimous choice? Of course not, if the rest of the season has been any indication, this could go down to the wire! Is it going to be who I, if I decided to exercise that power, would pick if I were just going around picking winners? Unlikely. After all - If I were to pick one, there are 13 other choices out there, so the odds would be against me! :)

Besides, Idol tends to get the winner it needs rather the one that a random selected person might want to see.

We have more veterans in the final 14 than have ever been there - does that mean a veteran will win? They never have before. Could this be their season?
We have more males - They've never won before. Could this be their season?
Heck, we have a decent amount of non-Americans... see above.

Only time, and the voters, are going to be able to sort this season out! :)
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