onyxblue (onyxblue1) wrote in therealljidol,

Oh, do I have to?

This isn't fair. clauderainsrm should be the one doing this. I'm stamping my feet and pouting. I want you all to know that.

I have the odious task of announcing that bateleur has been eliminated in this week's voting. Not that I really want to be the bearer of bad news for anyone, but I have rather a soft spot (in my head, perhaps) when it comes to bateleur.

Hopefully, he will return next season. In the mean time, he fills his journal with entertaining stuff anyway (come on, he makes Magic: The Gathering sound like fun), so I encourage everyone to drop on over there and get better acquainted.

Now pardon me while I go kick a chair.
Tags: results, season 3
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