clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 26 - Day 1

Last night, we had results that shook Idol to its core: - well, let's be honest, everyvote is going to shake Idol to its core!! That's kind of what votes do!

Some previously "sure bets" though (including my early pick to make the finals) are out. Does this mean that the field is opening up? Or is it closing in favor of other directions? Time, you, and the voters, are going to have to figure that out.

Right now though, we have found our Top 21 of Season 7! Congratulations to everyone still in this particular fight!

Anyone who hasn't already taken part in a Round Two is now on the spot: to try to stay in this conversation about making it to the end

and the start of. . . well, I can't tell you what it's called without giving it away, but the start of "Topic 26" territory is going to put another spin on the proceedings!

Hopefully, it will be a lot of fun! :) *insert big friendly, comforting, smile here* Yay for fun! Right?
Tags: day 01, green room, season 7, week 26
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