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Results - Week 24 - Round Two

Wow! What a finish!!!

With the way that poll was jumping during the last few hours, I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to see when I hit "close".

Before we get to that though, I do want to put some people on notice: I'm sure you think you are trying to help, and there weren't enough of them to shift the results, but ultimately the person/people you like are going to be the ones who end up suffering/being cheated.

I don't want to see any more accounts for Harry Potter characters voting. (or any other accounts someone may have set up to write "in character".) If you want to contact me, it's and we can discuss it.

It's certainly not widespread, but it has been noticed and it needs to stop now before it does cost your favorite their shot. I hate bringing it up (because it brings a distaste to people's mouths, but hopefully the fact that I do have an eye on it reassures people in that same breath), but I dislike the idea that someone thought that I wasn't paying attention. You get what you put into Idol, and I'm quite certain no one wants you to add that sort of thing to their experience. Even if you think you are being helpful. So cut it out.

Now we get to the results:

We established that, with Round Two, regardless of the outcome, it was going to be a sad one. Sure enough, that certainly turned out to be the case.

The four writers leaving us - and the first members of the Jury who will be voting each week to give immunity, are


Being Jury members, that means they had better stick around, to help decide how this season is going to play out! But I hope that we continue to see them around regardless! Thank you for everything. Getting to this point in the competition is an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations.
Tags: eliminations, jury, round two, season 7, week 24
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