clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

100 Weeks

It feels like we just made this post last week.

Oh, wait - that's because we did!!

A second contestant, right on the imafarmgirl's heels, has made it to 100 weeks in the competition!

Last week there was some talk about the new worlds that were opened in Idol by her - this one is no exception. She has made a huge contribution to bringing in the clinically insane and homicidal.

Oh, and "international" competitors. Before she showed up in Season 3, no one went around posting entries in ancient Runes. They used English. Not her. She babbled on forever about nothing - but gave us an awesome baby, so it was all OK.

She made the finals in her very first season, and since then has gone on to kill me off in at least a couple entries a season. Why? *see "homicidal" note above*

She is agirlnamedluna and she is the Second Contestant in Idol History to make it to 100 Weeks of competing!!

Join me in a quiet round of applause! (if you clap too loud it might undo her work capturing and torturing Tinkerbell, and no one wants that)
Tags: 100 weeks, season 7, week 23
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