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Green Room - Week 18 - Day 5

Good morning.

Is it time for breakfast? Or has that become too controversial these days?

I think locally that it has.

Our local Creative Loafing has sponsored a "Breakfast Bowl", taking advantage of March Madness and putting it to use in getting people out to support their local eateries.

There are a wide variety of places represented. Or at least there were when they started. Now it's down to "The Sizzling 16" and at least one of the races is getting quite heated.

It's between Bowled and Munch's.

Bowled has been around for a couple years now, but is relatively new on the scene. Most of their menu is more themed and a tad upscale. They have added a build your own omelette, which is always tasty.
Their biggest claim to fame is that about a year ago, they announced on facebook that they were closing. They just weren't able to make it.
The buzz was so strong and people were so "WHA---!!!!" that business immediately poured into the place and now they are in a position where they can not only stay open, they will be opening a second location soon!

Munch's is the ultimate in greasy spoons for the area. If by "greasy spoon" you mean a traditional 50's style diner with a full menu where you can order breakfast all day. They were recently filmed for that Guy whatshisname show on the Food Network about dives and diners.
Their claim to fame locally is that they have been open for 50+ years in the area. They *are* the breakfast institution.

The back and forth started last round when Bowled started complaining online about their last opponent and driving voters to the site when it was discovered that you could vote as many times as you wanted. Obviously Creative Loafing set it up to be that way, so that's within the rules.
Bowled started offering specials if they hit a certain amount of votes in the contest.
Some people didn't like that.

Munch's doesn't have much of an internet presence, but they were handing out strips of paper with the address and asking people to please help them. They had a huge come from behind victory in the last round.

Some people didn't like that.

So now they are head to head, and both sides think the way "the other guy" plays "isn't the right way" and are suspicious of what is going on with the voting, because clearly the other guy is the one who is going to have karma get 'em.

There is also - among the ranks, an idea that the upscale variety is REAL BREAKFAST and the the diner isn't - and the opposite, that "it's more of a brunch" and they shouldn't be included.

It got me thinking. . . (and grateful that I didn't just allow 'refresh and keep voting' when I set this place up!!!) about the "what is and isn't an entry" debates and "writing to the prompt". Because from what I've seen, over the seasons, is that most people DO, as far as it makes sense to the way the writer sees it, and that some people are more likely to just not see that. is where our particular action is! :)

BUT it does create a criteria of "If *I* get it - then I will vote for it". It doesn't mean that *they* didn't deliver in the eyes of themselves or other people. It just means that you might think it's more of a brunch than a breakfast.

Ultimately though, the question is going to be "what are you in the mood to eat" and of course "are you hungry?"

I do wonder what is going to happen long term to those two places - especially if the nastiness keeps escalating between them. I wonder if trying so hard to win, and being less than cordial about it, is going to result in people staying away from actually eating there in the future. Which would be a shame. They both are doing their own thing, and putting out good food.
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