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Vote - Week 17

It's the last hurrah before the Top 75 and there is a casualty before we never get to the mat. abangaku had to drop out. He will definitely be missed.

The last time anyone can use almost every special power in the game, the last of the byes - and much more to the point, this is also the last of the tribal system as we know it.

People have pitted the Tribes against each other from the earliest moments. Figuring that it was better to be recognized and moved up to what is now Tribe 2, or be under the radar and stay in Tribe 1. Some people only read their tribe, or at least always read them first.

That is about to change.

Not next week. That is about to change NOW.

Because it's a contestant only vote. With a twist.

You can vote for as many people you as want this time around. BUT ONLY FROM THE "OTHER TRIBE".

If you are someone with a remaining multiple "alt" id (playing more than one account) chose which one you want to vote from. If they are on different tribes, that goes double! ;)

If you are in Tribe 1, you are only voting in Tribe 2. Which gives each of those votes quite a bit of weight. Finally, the influence in the game that you have been lacking up until this point.

There are more people in Tribe 2 voting for Tribe 1, which may make for more diverse choices in such a small field of players.

Each of these tribes are losing *approximately* 5 members this week. Which means this time is going to be potentially brutal.

High stakes. High risks.

Just the way we like it.

You have until Saturday March 19th at 2pm EDT to email your votes to

If EITHER TRIBE completely finishes before then, I will reveal those results before then. :)


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Tribe 2

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Good luck to you all!
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