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Green Room - Week 17 - Day 5

It's Doomsday!!

Sorry, I mean today is the last deadline before the Top 75!!!

You make it through this and it's eternal fame and glory! Or you know, trying to get to the Top 50. One of those two. Maybe both. I can't guarantee the fame and glory part. But stranger things have happened.


Last night I went to my niece's softball game. She's been concerned, because she really hasn't been doing very well on the field. But she's only been playing about a month and the majority of her team has been at it for years now.

She got up to bat twice last night. The first time the coach called for her to bunt. She did.

They went to throw her out, and the ball sailed over first base. The coach was screaming his head off to "run". Everyone was. She made a simple bunt into a triple.

The next time they started with a bunt, but after a couple balls, told her to swing.

They've never told her to swing during a game. Only practice.

She took the first swing of her life during actual game conditions - and drove that thing right into left field. I can still hear the "whack" from that hit.

Why am I mentioning this? Other than being overwhelmingly proud of my niece? Because even what you see as something simple can be made into a something great.

And of course sometimes you just have to *swing* when you see that ball coming at you. Even if you don't think that you can.

In that first case, she ended up being out. Why? Because in her excitement and inexperience - combined with her coach, standing next to first, jumping up and down so amazed and excited for her yelling his head off, she missed touching first base!!
The ump felt horrible - he was excited too. But he had to do it.
Everyone got a good laugh about it.

In the second - they threw her out at first.

Hers was the last play of the game - and her team wasn't anywhere close to winning. When that last out was called on her, the entire team ran out of the dugout to where she was and were hugging her and acting like she had just hit the game-winning home run.

Why am I am mentioning this? Other than being overwhelmingly proud of my niece?

In the first case - details are important. You can make the best hit you can, and make the most out of a situation. But make sure you touch all the bases. :)

In the second - it's how you play the game. It really is. Winning is great. But doing well, when you thought all hope was lost - and giving it your all anyway, that's something truly worth celebrating.

It's the last day before the Top 75. What are YOU going to do today?
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