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Work Room - Week 17

It's another "Open Topic" week.

Which means that you can literally write anything you have your heart set on writing.

I think that's the key right there - that your heart is actually in it.

Experimentation is always cool. But also keep in mind that, at this point, a lot of the stuff you are going to come up with - someone has done it before. Which means if you are going to go "out there", make sure that the quality of the work, and presentation, is up to snuff.

If it's not - well, you are probably going to hear about it from the voters. Whoever they might be any given week.

The quality, in general, has tended to be really high this season, and I have the feeling that it is going to continue to increase as the numbers dwindle.

But Open Topic tends to get under people's skin and throws them.

When you step back though, these should be your *very best* entries, because they are the most you. You aren't coming at an abstract idea or phrase and trying to make it yours - every single aspect is yours to explore and create.

Which, yes, that means that there is more pressure. Because it IS yours. It's you that you are putting out there.

The thing is - it always is.

Open Topic just means that the gloves are off, and let's see what you are going to do!

This is your Work Room, and space. I hope to use it, and each other, as the resources that you truly are.
Tags: season 7, week 17, work room

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