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Results - Week 14

I wasn't planning it on it being a long night. But that last two hours produced quite a few votes! Were you among them?

If so. . . *mutters under breath* I mean, thank you for coming out and making a really difficult decision.

I joke about "Gary Only Voting", and how it's coming one day - but this is one week where I'm really glad that it won't be actually happening!

I'm not entirely certain who I would be sending to the Home Game this week, because any way you look at it there are no easy choices to make with this group.

I expected that it would be close. I wasn't expecting *how* close it was going to be. I knew you were a diverse and opinionated group when it came to "What you like" - but I judging by the span on the votes, it's pretty clear to me that the group has some massively differing opinions - which is awesome. It makes for a great "coming together" over the rest of the season.

I knew coming in that people from Second Chance were going to have a rough go of it - and some of them definitely did. Some of them quite frankly did quite well for themselves. That was the surprise.

I knew there were going to be a few names that I personally would be shocked to see on the list. You folks certainly didn't disappoint in that department.

In full disclosure, I did have it down to 6 people leaving this week. However, then maizing_grace contacted me about using her token to grant immunity to one person. I'm supposed to say that it's in celebration of getting control of her LJ again. Anyone reading the ongoing saga will understand that.

She gave me a list of the order of "who to save".

The person on the list, who was set to go out this week - but has been saved by the Immunity token is supremegoddess1!

That move meant that the next contestant with the lowest vote was going. . . which meant the next "block of votes" was in danger, and which shifted the number of people leaving this week to 8.

Definitely some surprises (for me at least) in the goodbyes this time around.

Today we are saying goodbye to


Thank you to all of you for an amazing season. I hope that we will continue to see you all in the Home Game, and around these parts.

Thank you also to everyone who took the time to read, vote and comment on the entries this week. Hopefully you found some new favorites in the mix.

I'm going to fall down now. . .
Tags: contestant only, eliminations, immunity, season 7, week 14

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