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Vote - Week 13 Tie-Breaker

Both entries are in. They are two writers that I like a great deal.

I have had a fantastic night, and we are celebrating the start of a new season of Survivor!

So of course we are. . . going ahead with the poll.

That shouldn't be much of a shock, although I did hear some chatter after the break I gave Second Chance. Planned breaks are one thing, unscheduled ones take something pretty big to come up.

We have two talented writers and one big decision, deciding who is going forward.

The poll will close tomorrow Thursday Feb 17th at 10pm EST and we will find out.

Good luck to both of you!

Poll #1705917 LJ Idol, Season Seven, Week Thirteen, Tribe 2, Tie-Breaker
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

Tags: season 7, tie-breaker, voting, week 13

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