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Work Room - Week 14

There is a Results thread:
a Second Chance Idol announcement:
and a new topic

Tuesday nights are busy here in Idol!

We also have the Work Room.

I've said this before (and I will likely say this again knowing me) this is your space to hash out ideas and thoughts about writing in general.

Last week we will lucky enough to have alexpgp stop in as a Guest Mentor. I hope everyone enjoyed that.

This week - well, we have another treat. Someone else who has been there, done that - from a different perspective, and I know she has a lot to say and share.

Again, you know her - you love her.

Arguably, the hardest working contestant in Idol history (I think making sure that you have a wifi connection in your recovery room so that immediately after giving birth you can get out an entry - thankfully she didn't have to do that - qualifies you for that title)



Good evening/morning/afternoon, class (depending on when you're reading this)!

My name is (WRITES ON THE BOARD) alycewilson, but you can call me Alyce, or Miss Alyce if you're nasty (or under 6 years old, or non-human). You can find out more about me (and my books, including my recent collection, The Art of Life which includes some pieces I wrote for LJ Idol seasons 5 and 6) at my home page. I will be your mentor this week. Your regular instructor, Mr. Gary, has left me a few notes, but (FLINGS THEM OUT THE WINDOW) we're going to just wing it, OK?

Actually, that's not entirely true. First of all, Mr. Gary didn't give me any notes (and if he had I wouldn't have thrown them out the window), but he did give me an idea of what he'd like me to do. Secondly, I do have more than a gut instinct when it comes to helping to shape writing. I don't usually do this, but permit me to whip something out (PULLS OUT HER MFA IN POETRY) -- who's giggling back there??? Anyway, while studying for my master's in poetry writing, I participated in many workshops in both poetry and fiction. I also taught an Intro to Poetry course for underclassmen at Penn State while pursuing my master's. In addition, I've often provided constructive feedback to contributors to my online literary quarterly, Wild Violet.

As I've learned from those workshops, the most productive way to give feedback is to focus on key elements. I won't be overwhelming you by correcting every grammatical error or spelling mistake. Instead, I'll be evaluating what I think the piece is trying to do and how well it does it. Then I'll give you feedback designed to help you make it better.

In addition, I'll make myself available for brainstorming or any other questions related to writing, poetry, or the nuances of baby language (in which I am becoming quite proficient, thanks to my 8-month-old). I apologize in advance for the fact that I may need to pause while answering a question in order to handle a diaper change, and I hope you don't mind if your papers are returned with baby drool on them.
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