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Results - Week 13

During the course of this week I went back to see if all Week 13's had their rough spots.

Maybe there is something to the superstition or just maybe that's just a point where things get a little intense.

At any rate, I had a feeling that we would end up with another nail-biter this week, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

Especially since not one, but TWO of the remaining IMMUNITY TOKENS were played this week.

In Tribe 1, ckocher had one. Which saved her from going into a tie-breaker.

Unfortunately, that means the other two contestants have been eliminated.


In Tribe 2, the immunity token was played by roina_arwen to save herself.

Which means that awriterswindow has been eliminated, and there is a tie-breaker between

abutterflykissx and phoenixejc

The Topic is Calling Your Bluff

The deadline for the two of you to link your entries back to the specified thread (below) is tomorrow, Wed Feb 16th at 10pm EST. Have fun you two!

As for those leaving us this week - as soon as SCI is officially over, there will be a Home Game thread. I hope to see you there, and around the Green & Work Rooms. After all, you never know what is going to happen next - and there are still a couple "back in the game" tokens floating around!
Tags: eliminations, season 7, tie-breaker, week 13
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