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Results - Week 12

What a brutal week.

Thanks to kithan being a fundamentally bad person, as well as a Packers fan (nothing wrong with the Packers, other than that they won. They completely deserved to do so. But that doesn't change the fact that kithan is rotten to the core.) we are losing two people from each tribe.

Which means that some folks that I expected to see getting much further into the competition will be leaving us today.

I would say that "I'm sad to see you go", but apparently since I say that to everyone it's become a drinking game. So I'll just think it really hard.

Because every single person to takes part in Idol during any given season adds something valuable to the mix and is a part of what makes it special.

Fortunately, they can continue to hang out and write for the Home Game, so it's more of moving them from the "active" column to the "no longer participating but still around" column. Still, it's one of the worst parts of the job.

But the time is here for the announcement, so here it is:

The contestants leaving us this week are a combination of newbies, veterans and vet/newbies:

scriblesnbraile (leaving the game with a "immunity - others" token in pocket)

and m_malcontent WOULD HAVE BEEN GOING, BUT thanks to participating in an "off week" over Christmas, received one of the special powers. In this case, a personal immunity token. Which he notified me that he would be using.
That means that the person using can not be eliminated this week.
So it goes to the person with the *next* lowest vote total.

In this case, that means that az_starshine who is saying goodbye.
Tags: eliminations, season 7, special powers, week 12

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