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Green Room - Week 12 - Day 7

I'm looking over the polls and this week has every indication of a nail-biting down to the wire (and maybe even beyond if immunities are thrown into the mix) batch of crazy.

My own advice is to make sure to take the time to read and encourage other people to do so as well. Read. Comment and vote. It's the best of all possible worlds for your favorites!

Which means that it's the best of all possible worlds for you so that the Idol Mob doesn't show up to see if you want to sleep with the fishes.

I have no idea who this Idol Mob might be, and imagine that there are probably some people out there with a lifestyle/fetish/whatever for actually sleeping with fishes. This is something completely different than you and your scaly friends!

I imagine though that the Idol Mob has old timey gangster hats and instead of tommy-guns carry laptops and iPads so they can get their entries in on time even if they are in the middle of whacking someone.

Which of course also sounds completely inappropriate.

Possibly inappropriate, but definitely something that Idol Mob will find interesting, is the other entries this week - over in the last weeks of Second Chance-land.

Completely appropriate for any situation is a column from a really good RL friend of mine. Either that or the boyfriend of a really good RL friend of mine. Depending on which one of them I'm claiming as a friend at the moment. :)

Usually I don't hype this sort of thing here. But every once in awhile I make an exception. In this case, I just think it's really fun and I think a lot of people here will like it, and help it go viral or come down with some sort of virus or whatever it is that you kids do these days with your newfangled magick light boxes.

Geek Valentines Day cards -
Because like it or not, it's coming. So link it all over the place out there in cyber-land.
Read and vote first, obviously. But if you have a little extra time, go do that too. :)
Tags: day 07, green room, season 7, week 12

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