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Results - Week 10

A storm ripped through the area on my way home today, knocking over quite a bit in it's path.

A different kind of storm ripped through the ranks of LJ Idol over the last couple of days. The storm of "real life" and it's sidekick "real life commitments".

Obviously they are figments of our collective imaginations because everyone knows the only thing worth while is right in front of you on the internet. Why would anyone seek anything more than that???

*shrugs* I don't know. Seems crazy doesn't it?

But because of that, we actually ended up with four sacrifices!

In Tribe 1 we lost xogenesis, which means that we also lost Tribe 2's mirrorfortress.

In Tribe 4 it was edith_jones who took the hit for her tribe.

Tribe 3 was a little more complex.

The player behind the first two alts had a "give immunity to someone else" token. Her final act before going was to give it to "whoever was the lowest in Tribe 3", to give them another chance next week.

Which means the second to last contestant would be leaving instead. Which was a tie.

Normally this would mean a tie-breaker round, but witchdollie decided to drop, in the poll thread, making it a clean sweep of sacrifices.

Goodbye to all of you. You will be missed in the polls, but hopefully not around here!

I'm sure there are some people breathing a little easier right now, thanks to you. I do hope though that this so-called "real life" thing will die down soon. I'm hoping it's just a fad!
Tags: eliminations, sacrifice, season 7, week 10
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