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results and the new sudden death challenge "winner"

Slim margins is the theme of this week's results. There were some *really* close races. I think we are going to be seeing more and more weeks like this as so many people are stepping up their game.

In the regular, public voting - the two people leaving us are lordrexfear and green_goblin70, two people that I had hoped would manage to pull it out and last a little longer. Alas that was not to happen.

In the Death Match it came down to ONE VOTE - a bunch of people voting for both, and 6 of the contestants not casting votes at all. Which turned out to matter this week.

A change in any one of these elements and the results might be different. But that was not the case, and so this week we are also saying goodbye to techempage who wrote what was probably his best entry of the competition this week, or one of them, but fell by one vote.

The Sudden Death Challenge Winner for this coming week is again the person who came closest to being eliminated, in this case it is oceansedge.

evansmj has been challenged!!!
Tags: results, season 3
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