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Green Room - Week 10 - Day 2

It hit me today that this is "Week 10".

The season still has a bit of that "new car smell" to it. At least from this end. We are still knocking out some kinks and working our way toward getting out there on the road.

And it's Week 10.

Man, where does the time go?

In the very near future we will be at the Top 100. After that the Top 75. . . 50. . . 25. . . 10. . . and declaring a winner!

At this point the field still feels wide open. There are people in Tribes 1 and 2 that I think people just haven't discovered yet. Folks who could be quite serious down the line, if they end up getting the attention that they should be receiving.

There are also the Second Chancers coming in. Some absolutely terrific stuff coming in from there: is the current poll.
Make sure to support your favorites, because, the next winner could very well be in there right now.
You never know!

Or it could be one of the contestants currently in the Main Competition: is their current topic thread with new freshly baked entries.

The Work Room is still open, now with more mezzominty! If he hasn't gotten back to you yet, I know he's working his way around.

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to so_small, foolishfiddler and anyone else who has had a birthday and didn't tell/remind me!!

(edits that section because for some reason it cut off when I posted it last night!)

Also - since it's the 20th - Happy Birthday to my Mom!! :)
Tags: day 02, green room, season 7, week 10
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