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Work Room - Week 10

When I said to myself, "Self, there should be a Work Room this season", one of the items on my "wish list" for making it work was that I wanted it to be a place where people could interact and specifically discuss their entries and writing in general.

What was working for them, what they saw as working for someone else. What might not be going as well and could be tweaked.

Something that people have said for awhile now is "If only there was a Tim Gunn figure". Someone who you could ask for advice, and who would give it. As with Project Runway, you might not always be eye to eye with what they say, but you can take it and process it down to something you can use.

There are a lot of problems that I have with the having one voice approach to work room discussion, and so I have been hoping that people would step up and be the "Tim Gunn" for their peers. Motivating each other.

In the background though, since last season, I have been working toward a feature of the Work Room that I thought fit enough of the mode people said they wanted, with enough of an Idol touch to it. :)

It's been called various things (in my head and in conversations) but since the introduction of our first guest refers to it by the early term of "Mentor", let's go with that. :)

How does it work? I don't know. I know how it works in theory, but a lot depends on what happens over the course of the first few.

Because a mentor will appear every few weeks, and you can discuss your issues here (and your colleagues can pipe up with their opinions) or just link and let them know you want them to take a look at something. I imagine each mentor will have a slightly different style.

For now though, it's time to introduce the first one.

He was one of the contestants in Season 1. So he was here when this whole thing started. His introduction rather downplays his "outside Idol" qualifications if you ask me. He has been a Gatekeeper in the past, so some of you may already know him.

Let's welcome the first in the series of Idol mentors mezzominty!


When Gary first asked me to be an LJ Idol mentor I thought, “but I’m evil; why would he entrust me with the fragile confidence of a bunch of thin-skinned artistic types?” Then I remembered that Gary is *also* evil, and I became giddy with the prospect of inflicting trauma and cruelty.

Lucky for all of you this only lasted a few seconds because my next thought was, “Oh crap, wait a minute, I’ve been in their shoes!” And thus I was awash in sympathy for you lost, wretched souls, having to face torture and torment week after week at the hands of Gary. “I must help them,” I concluded. “I must be a mentor!”

Um, so that’s that. My name is mezzominty. I’ve competed in a couple of these and had responses to entries that ranged from spectacularly positive, warming me to the cockles of something or other, to once being chased by villagers with torches and pitchforks due to a rather unfortunate poem in which I rhymed “dewdrop” with “glue sop” (it didn’t even make sense in context).

Anyway, generally speaking I like entries that surprise me in some way whether in style or content. Funny is always welcome, but I like serious stuff too so long as it doesn’t tip over into melodrama. I’ll read over fiction, comics, poetry, pretty much whatever you throw at me and I’ll do my best to either offer something constructive or admit to being out of my element. When I share my opinion, I share it gently, unless it’s about your mother (can you believe I just went there? What a cheesy joke).

Finally, if you want to see my stuff, you can visit my livejournal, or better yet, you can go buy your own copy of Idol Musings. You could also briefly see my stuff on McSweeneys until it had to be removed due to, um, potential litigation from a chemical giant that rhymes with PooDawnt that I sort of made fun of in the piece (my brand of humor isn’t always appreciated), but hey, at least I was published there for all of 2 days before having to go into hiding these past 9 years.


That's him. So feel free to get the ball rolling, or talk amongst yourselves (always a good thing) about what you are seeing in entries, and the snags you are hitting.
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