clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Work Room - Week 9

The Work Room is your space to hammer things out when you hit a snag or discuss writing in general.

Need someone to take a second look at your entry? Thinking that "talking about the entry as an entry" has been played out and want to know what other people think?

This is a space for it.

It's once a week, so far, and hopefully people will continue to check back to it as both the main competition and the Second Chancers (and various members of the Idol community, if they want to do so) stop in and talk shop.

There are times when I throw out a specific idea to get the ball rolling. But not this week. This time around it's all you.

So what's going on in that head of yours (as far as writing goes. I'm not sure some of that other stuff is legal!)

Anything you want to bring up?

The new main competition topic is up
Goodbyes from Week 8 are
and you can read, and vote on Second Chance entries
Tags: season 7, week 9, work room
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