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Week 6 - Results

This is pretty much a post of "unfortunately". It is every week, but it feels like it stacked itself up this time around for a perfect storm.

First, we need to say goodbye to


All of whom were eliminated this week in the polls. I was expecting to see a few of those names get a lot further. BUT there is always the Home Game, and the hints about what new opportunities might ring in soon enough have been pretty darn blatant, so I hope they take me up on it!

But wait - that is only 5 of the 7 tribes. What about the other two?

In Tribe 7 there is a bit of a shocker, I received a note from my cat. Which was pretty weird. She batted a balled up piece of paper at me. When I went to pick it up and throw it, I noticed that I had never seen this piece of paper before in my life. Curious, I straightened it out, and realized almost immediately that it was a note from kittymichaels :

"In light of my declining health, and in light of the fact that I've already won this season, I've decided to forgo competing in future LJI polls. While I sincerely appreciate that many of my fellow felines hacked into their humans computers and voted for me, I think its important that I spend some time right now doing the things that really matter - like clawing the Fat Man and trying to steal ham. I will continue to write home game entries as the mood strikes me, but firmly believe that my preordained Season 7 victory requires no further formal competition. Best of luck to the rest of you as you compete for second third fourth whatever place comes after the places I'm claiming for myself and [info]gizmoagogo . "

Having decided to take an alternate path of winning, stepping off from the polls this week, means that no one else from that tribe will be eliminated.

That is a big enough shocker. But how about one more? In Tribe 3, there were a couple, let's call them "unauthorized" votes. Am I sure that whoever cast them meant well? Sure. I'm sure that they are legitimate people casting legitimate votes from accounts than just happen to be brand new. That's why a few weeks ago I asked that people identify anyone that they might know. That way Aunt Beatrice who loves your writing so much and wants to support you, doesn't end up hurting you in the polls in the long run.

Once straightened out, the lowest two are still work out to be tied, so I'm declaring this to be a tie-breaker situation between


The topic is, as expected, 50/50.

The deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday December 15th at 9pm EST to link your entries to the thread provided below.
Have fun!
Tags: eliminations, season 7, tie-breaker, week 6
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