clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 4 - Day 6

"Now that your picture's in the paper being rhythmically admired you can
Have anyone that you have ever desired,
All you gotta tell me now is why, why, why, why"

Welcome to the new week.

I know it don't thrill you, I hope it doesn't - well, you know. . .

Speaking of - there is still a poll out there and folks hanging by their fingertips waiting for the voters to decide their fate. Have you gotten your votes in yet?

Who isn't getting the love and attention that you think they should be receiving?

Who moved the cheese?
Who cut the cheese?
Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp? Don't they know some people have allergies???


Also, to join the rest of the internet: RIP Leslie Nielsen and Happy Birthday to comedychick. That seems like a weird thing to request as a birthday gift though.
Tags: day 06, green room, season 7, week 4
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