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Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 5

Good morning or whatever you celebrate in your fancy "time zones"!


The sign up sheet is still open until Sunday - make sure to tell your friends!

The people who have been around the community for awhile have heard this before, but it's easy to forget and not fully wrap your head around what I am saying - and of course for the newbies it's the first time:

LJ Idol Season 1 started with *9 contestants* on my own LJ. All but 1 person was someone that I personally knew.

We are starting our 7th Season. The part of this that I personally find remarkable/absolutely neat? It's all been completely word of mouth.

There has been no "spotlight". No other forms of outside advertising to bring in people, including going to "add me" forums. The growth has all been *friends telling other friends* about it.

Which means *every single person you meet here* is somehow connected to one of those 9 original people.


The Week 0/Introduction thread is located at
So make sure you get yours in before the deadline!!


Speaking of the deadline, since I did promise that I would be revealing this before Week 1, I'll go ahead and do it now.

Starting Week 1 (aka you can't use them this week) you will have TWO BYES to use before the Top 75.

For people who don't know what that is - a bye is essentially a "free pass" for the week. You don't need to write anything that week. I prefer if you declare it in the topic thread that you are using it.

These are especially helpful during those weeks when you are just overwhelmed, have plans, or "Real Life" throws you one of those curveballs that takes your feet out from under you.

Byes seem like gold those weeks. You have two of them.


Hopefully people are checking out the Introductions and getting to know each other in the process.

There are some interesting, and very talented folks, out there! There are also some "interesting" folks. I think most of us fall in that latter category. :P

(apparently my cat decided she wanted to say something as well - so I'll just leave it. It's probably a secret message of some kind to your cats. So you might want to keep them away from the screen unless you want to fall during the coming revolution!!!!)
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