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Afterparty/Friending Frenzy

A couple people asked "Hey, are we having the traditional Afterparty???" I figured most of you were asleep by this point! ;)

But for the people still willing to stagger in for one last gasp - here's a little something.

Before we get to that though, a little housekeeping business.

Is there going to be a Season 7? - The BIG question that everyone asks.

Barring anything unforeseen - YES, there will be a Season 7.

When? It won't be for a few months. I don't have a date yet. Still recharging from this one! (Actually still doing housekeeping from this one, haven't had the chance to put it down yet.)

Tampa Oddcon - October 8th - 10th I will be a guest. Several Idolers will be there doing a panel and the published ones will be signing copies of their books. It's going to be the largest in person gathering of Idol folks since, well, since ever. Times are tough, but I hope that anyone who *is able* to make it comes out! Come on - FLORIDA in October! You know you want to do it!! :) UPDATE:Unfortunately due to circumstances outside our control apparently Oddcon has been postponed. As soon as a new date is set in stone, I will announce it.

Idol Musings - It's a really good collection of entries from previous seasons of Idol. There has been discussions of a second volume in the not so distant future.


*looks over list*

I think that's it for now. Other than my traditional "if you want to thank Idol" list, but no one ever really wants to hear that! :P

Congratulations again to beautyofgrey and to everyone who came out and participated this season.

The bar is open, so is the buffet.

If you have been waiting for that chance to friend people/post an open invitation for people to friend you, this is a really good chance to do so!

If you have been on the sidelines watching - and wanted to jump in and intereact/friend people - this is a GREAT chance to do it, especially if you are considering signing up for Season 7!

Have fun! Mingle! Make sure to friend those people you have been holding off on friending! Have fun (a second time)! And most of all, take care of each other (and yourselves).
Tags: friending frenzy, season 6, wrap party
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