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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 21)

I'm sorry for posting all of these at once. But I wanted to make sure that they were completed and up before the end of the season!!!

cacophonesque (Week 30) - She said it in her introduction "ne of my current projects is allowing myself to integrate all those fragments into something whole."

I don't know how well it is working in her off line life (from what I can tell it seems to be pretty well) but I think it went pretty well.

It probably reveals more about me than anything else, but I loved the entry about the electric fence

I also like that someone actually got a topic reference and worked it in ! It's all of that listening to Yo La Tengo. It does good things for you.

For me, that's what the "integrating the fragments" is about. Bringing things like with politics, social commentary and more than a little bit of home into the mix. Or just stuff like this incorporating internet life meta with what actually goes on behind the scenes.

It was something that she was good at from the start (although that's from Week 8, but it's close enough to the start right?!?) and bringing important issues to the forefront.

Idol has a long history of people speaking out on important causes. But I can't recall anyone who was able to integrate the them into personal stories so effortlessly. The point isn't to beat people over the head, it's to stop, make them examine and get to them to think about things, and I think she does a really good job of that in her writing. PLUS ends up telling some really good stories in the process.

It's pretty rare when I can actually say that I was *happy* to see someone eliminated. In this case, it was less of wanting to see her go, and more knowing that she was out having such a wonderful time, and would be able to spend more time doing that! So even though I would have liked to have her around for longer, I at least knew she would be OK with it! :)

gratefuladdict (Week 32) - It may be the worst kept secret on the planet that, when it comes to Idol, as a general rule, I am partial to non-fiction over fiction. Heck, it's not even that big of a stretch to know that I like her non-fiction more than I tend to like her fiction.

That's just been the case now for as long as I knew who she was, and that she wrote fiction.

I liked it. I just liked the non fiction more.

I still do.

But I've got to say, this time around it's pretty darned close. Which I think says a lot about just how good it is these days. Either that or those pills that she has been slipping into the cookie batter are finally starting to have an effect.

"The first half" of her run was OK. I liked it - and clearly the Gatekeepers liked her. Remember when I said that it was notbatman and one other person who did a clean sweep during the first Gatekeeper round? Yeah - she was the other person in that one!! :D)
But I think after having to drop out, and coming back in, I felt like someone lit a fire under her! A literary fire!! Burn books burn... oh no, I mean that she was writing like she needed it. Like it mattered to stay in. Maybe she just had a second opinion or set of eyes to help her focus, or maybe it was just having been gone, she decided she really didn't want to go again. I don't know. But that's how it looked to me anyway!

Clearly, at the end, she was much too distracted by the glory of Gizmo to really have much of a chance of staying in the hunt. But I was really happy to see her come back in and do so much better than she did last season.

talon (Week 36) - So close. So damn close. As frustrating as it is to be eliminated one round before the finals - some important distinctions to note. You are the highest ranking male ever play LJ Idol at this point. Not just for this season, which is obvious, but EVER.

You also staged the biggest come from behind from being selected as a tribal leader due to low votes in Week 0 to nearly winning the whole thing. That's not impressive. It's not even IMPRESSIVE. I don't have a font big enough for how big of a deal that is in the Idolverse!!

Just as big though, I'm actually a fan of your fiction. That includes your science fiction, which, I'm awfully picky when it comes to that sort of thing, having grown up on it. Not your science fiction, science fiction in general - awww, you know what I mean!! :)

I mean sure, I liked your entries about "growing up" a little more - but that's me! Come on, you can't ask for the impossible here!! I think those entries though do end up telling a lot about you, and who you are. Fiction does as well. But most times in a much more subtle way. is somewhere that I hope that people take time, during the off-season to go back and read. I know that I intend to do it.

teaberryblue (Week 31) I asked hug_machine to help me with a picture for you. I figured it would be funny and appropriate. Unfortunately both of us ended up running out of time. (mostly me, I should have grabbed her soon).

I knew at one point that there was going to be all sorts of multi-media approaches to Idol, and that eventually there would be someone who showed up who specialized in comics. What I wasn't sure about though was how well they would end up doing and what sort of thing they would end up doing.

After all "comics" is the format. The real bits of it are the story. I've met plenty of people who can draw but can not tell a decent story. Would you be one of them??? When you showed up, I had no idea.

It started out as entertaining. I liked the novelty of it. But then you started experimenting with various techniques (both artistically and story-wise) and I found myself really appreciating just how far you were willing to take it. It felt like you were exploring. Especially when you combined the story in text form and the art itself, using them to play off each other.

I'm not even going to link to specific entries, but really it's all good: - anyone who has been in, I don't know, a cave or something - or perhaps coming back and reading old seasons, go check out her stuff and then send me cookies via your transporter beam future Idol contestants!!! Because quite frankly you are going to completely fall for it. It's just that good.

I'm really hoping that you did end up receiving at least a little increase of interest in your work as a result of Idol. (I know you were already doing cons) Or you know - Roger Ebert! :P

Because you definitely deserve to be doing well with it.

oneonthefence (long ago and far away) - She pretty much rocked. Everyone agrees on that! Yay!!!

thenodrin (a dark and stormy night) - I thought it was appropriate to mention "jack" in the same post as "sup" because they both had the same reaction from me when they first showed up - mainly a "Um - OK". In Jack's case though I knew "he" was coming having received the email asking me if writing under two accounts was OK. When I heard the premises I figured it was going to be interesting for a week or two until they either got bored or booted. One of those two was going to happen.

There was one thing that I wasn't counting on though - *just how good* the entries were going to be! I didn't know that our hard nosed named after Daredevil's short termed alter ego (and in turn named after his boxer father) detective was going to take off the way that it did! I think Jack was pretty surprised by that as well!!

In a lot of cases I will point to one or two entries that were particularly compelling or that I think people should go back and (re)read. In this one though, I'm pointing to the whole journal, since it was an ongoing serial: I think it was a great tribute to the noir detective stories and definitely a unique addition to the Idol family this season.

There was no reason that I could see that it *would* work. But it did - and I think that is an outstanding testimony to the quality of the storytelling.

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