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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 20)

Only one more of these things to go!!!

All of what I said in previous entries applies.

emo_snal (Week 24) - I wrote a goodbye for our friend Kristofer, but I was afraid he had been away at sea for too long to understand what what they were saying back on land. So rather than risk that he would translate it into bee and get a completely different meaning, I went to our friends at the Talk Like a Pirate Day translator and they helped make sure he would have no problems!!

Aye, this was ob'iously a strange season for him due t' participatin' while tra'elin' all o'er the world. I'm pretty sure he holds the record for postin' from 'arious locations go.
Aye, unless o' course you count imaginary places, although I suspect his lead would just end up growin', Me think a few folks would gi'e him a run for his money! :P

Ahoy, he's been around. But only now and then, which has certainly made thin's intarstin'. O' course, gi'en that he's out enjoyin' life and ha'in' fun, Me suppose we can o'erlook it this time, argh!

Ahoy, his lo'e o' bees Arrr, and zombies , Arrr, and zombie bees is the stuff o' legend. Arrr, or at least that is what is says har on this cue card.

Aye, this season though tis' been about tra'elin' and the experiences that he has been fortunate enough t' have, and o' course Aye, has some, but unfortunately not all o' the entries. Thar was one in particular that I remember about his time ser'in' on the student court that, o' course, caught my attention. Anyone remember that one or any other noteworthy entries from our sultan o' the sea?

shadowwolf13 (Week 20) is where all the fun is at.

There's a combination of relationship stuff and fiction there, and it's all good. Being familiar with someone's work for several seasons you know who you can and can't count on to give you something worth reading, and she is someone who tends to deliver.

The one that caught my attention though was about trolls and the how she treats her private vs public life online because let's face it, it is something that we all have to deal with in our day to day lives. Even if we can't do it, for various reasons, isn't it refreshing (and pretty darn awesome) to know that there is someone who *can* live online like that? I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty inspiring.

Another is one that asks some pretty fundamental questions: - but the one that struck me the most was one that didn't even "have" to be written - she wrote a Making Fire entry when it looked like there would be a tie , again, another of her entries where she openly discusses things that go on in everyone's head.

That's a fantastic gift to have, and she uses it well.

markmade - (I don't have it handy which week he left us) - He's awesome.

cheshire23 (Week 22) - What caught my attention fairly early on was how well liked she was across the board. But for some reason her name didn't tend to come up with "the Big Guns" of the season. It makes you stop and wonder what that faceless "They" out there deciding such things actually knows huh? ;P

I think part of that reason might be that the audience for the first couple of entries was probably a bit on the specific side. Then again, given how difficult it can be early on to capture the attention of the audience, going for subjects that you know will not only be "different" than the usual stories out there and the SCA/geek aspects of the entries might just be a case of knowing the audience you *want* to gather, and standing out from the crowd by giving them something that they can relate to, bringing them around to the cause. If so, it's an extremely smart strategic move. If not, well, it could still work out to be a smart strategic move anyway! So there! :P

Once you've got them hooked - start reeling them in! , and /496575.html , engaging them! Get them interesting in well laid out intelligent discussion.

The last line in that says "I only have the belief that it is important to ask the questions." I think that really speaks to the kind of person she seems to be, one who sets the ball rolling for you to stop and think, and to engage in those conversations that are the most important. Like for instance.

Writing should engage you on multiple levels and make you want to discuss it. She definitely does that. and hopefully that is something she, and others like her, will continue to do. They're the true "Big Guns", the ones that we need.

theafaye (Week 35) "I hate every single piece that Thea Faye has ever written and don't understand how she got as far as she did either. She really was a genius at manipulating votes"

She told there was NO way that I would ever say that in her goodbye. So - there it is!!! :)

What DO I think of her work? It's something that she has asked me time and again. I do think that based on our conversations when we first starting discussing the book that we have very different tastes. Well, I knew that we had different tastes from her voting patterns, but she found out when we were talking about the kinds of things that we enjoyed.

Obviously her tastes are horrible and mine rock beyond all belief.

That goes without saying. Except that I did. So it goes with saying once.

If you are on her FL you can get a taste of the fact vs fiction: - if not, read them and decide for yourself.

My favorite entry from her has to be jkeaiajgajgaagshgshgaadadsodogjgjdjoasslsadlds darn you cat! I'm not going to link it again. Why bother?

My least favorite though - that's pretty easy. I can't believe that she actually *likes* that piece. It's pretty horrible. Don't believe me - go read it for yourself ueioqwRHUARHAUHGDSDS BAD CAT!!! I'm trying to type!!!!

Ah well, it's not like she's reading these things anyway! She's probably out torturing someone, or having a baby. Or both. Possibly at the same time.

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