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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 18)

This season I set myself a goal for attempting to write something about everyone who was eliminated from the competition. They started out being a couple paragraphs and in some cases ended up getting fairly long and detailed (at least in comparison). It was my first time even attempting something like this, and obviously some turned out better than others - and I ended up falling way too far behind. Real life showed up on my doorstep (or rather I showed up on it's) over the past couple of weeks and stopped me from doing the level of work that I had originally planned on doing. But I still want to say something.

So we are back to somewhere between the couple of paragraphs and the longer pieces. I apologize. But it was that or nothing and figured people would rather have the former. If you want more post-season email me and I'll see what I can provide.

Until then though - YOU, the people reading this - tell us what YOUR favorite pieces from them were.

furzicle (Week 28) - It is always interesting for me to see people who come in to the competition after being on the sidelines. In this case I knew her as the supportive Mother of emo_snal who came to be a vocal supporter of alexpgp. Seeing that process develop on the sidelines during the course of Season 5, I was intrigued when she signed up this time.

I'll admit, it was both for her own sake and one of those you get to know someone better when you see where they are from.

I had an idea of her taste, but only the barest essentials based on one season of voting - and let's be honest, just because you liked a particular series of entries doesn't always mean that your personal style is going to follow suit.

The same goes for family members. Her son (the one I know at least) has a certain sensibility, it doesn't mean that he gets it from her. But I wouldn't be surprised. He obviously inherited her sense of adventure!

The more that I read from her though, the less the family connection mattered, and the more that I enjoyed reading her work for being *her work*. , , and has some, but not all, of her entries. I would highly recommend if you have the time to go find the rest of the them.

There is such a familiarity to her stuff. I've mentioned the "feminine/masculine" before, and how she places herself in the masculine, and I can definitely see why that is when it comes down to the being able to cut through the swoops and embellishes of language and just tell a good story. is an example of a simple story well told and the impact that it can have on an audience.

She is able to talk about family and the important things in life without resorting to "tricks" or playing around with her style for effect. That's a huge strength that far too many people overlook in their "flashy" = good. I don't think there is nearly enough respect given for that style in general, much less in Idol. So I am always glad to see someone make it far utilizing it.

I'll admit that when she left I found myself really missing being able to read her stories as a part of Idol every week. There are the "names" that everyone knows their work, and then there are the ones that everyone should know. She's definitely someone you should know.

in48frames (Week 14) - She is one of the three people that I unfortunately waited too long to do a write up on, as she has filtered all of her work.

There were a few others, but they came back and unscreened it long enough for me to read. In an odd way though, needing to do these snippets actually works out in this case because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to write anything at all!

Week 14 was so long ago that it's difficult to remember specific entries, but I do recall that she caught my attention early on as someone who I needed to watch for development. She was also someone with steady support that was always on the verge of breaking out into something bigger.

I think that's true of her work as well. It was always on the verge of breaking out into something bigger.

I remember liking her entries, as I said though, unfortunately I don't have a reminder of *why* other than a vague impression that I kept expecting her to go at least little further than she actually did. Hopefully someone out there remembers!!!

What did you like the most about her stuff?

And no - her love for Frightened Rabbit doesn't count - although that *is* a pretty good reason to like someone!!

fourzoas (Week 35) - *sigh* fourzoas. Most eliminations are difficult. Some are nearly impossible.

She made it so close to the end, and with a high quality group, but if I had *my* way she would be writing in Week 39, Week 57, Week 193. . . she has this way of taking the smallest of details and weaving it into a larger tapestry that was delighting me from the first couple of weeks and continued to make me smile (regardless of topic) right up until the last week.

You never really knew what to expect with one of her entries, both that it was going to be good, and that there would be substance to it.

It's kind of funny, because I just wrote the entry above where there was someone who didn't have their material available, and here is someone with it all tagged and ready to go, and I find myself just as unable to talk about it. I don't know, it seems too personal to talk about my reaction to her work. The more that I reread of it, the more that I want to keep those discoveries to myself.

I did check out her goodbye though and the line "Writing has this tremendous power to lay bare our isolated and individual selves for others to see and, if we're lucky, to help us find within the writer's life something of themselves." and I think that speaks to my experience with her writing pretty darn well.

Sometimes you relate to the actual life experiences, and sometimes you relate to the feeling behind them. I think her work was more of the latter in my case. There is little that we have in common, other than the human experience. But the emotions are there just the same, bringing people together. is where your personal journey of discovery is going to start. If you haven't taken it before, or haven't read her stuff in awhile - you are in for a treat.

myscribbles (Week 14 - sacrifice) - Another of the people who gave their last full measure of devotion in order that someone else might come back into the game. Also another one who locked all of her entries.

So there isn't a lot to say other than what immediately popped into my head was that there were a couple people early on where I looked at their LJ design and squinted to make out their work. Once I converted it to "my style", in almost every case, what I found was wonderful and well worth reading. This is definitely a case, even with a "light" version where someone was being hurt by that when people first came onto their work, it was difficult to read, so they didn't always come back.

Which I think is a shame. Unfortunately it's also a reality, that people don't want to work in order to read something. The more problems you give them with making something text-friendly, the less forgiving they are probably going to be of you and your work in general.

Converting to it a "light" version I think helped keep her around, and I think ultimately would have allowed her to go much further into the competition had she not fallen on the sword. Which, if you go up to the last bit and see what I said, it makes it just that much more extraordinary that under normal circumstances she would have probably been gone far earlier, but the quality of her work was able to shine through to the people willing to do that little bit extra that she was around until Week 14, and would have stayed longer if she hadn't decided to bring back in [Bad username: [info]poppetawoppet] . That's a pretty big testimony to her and her work right there!

crimsonplum (Week 24) - Another in the line of writing journals, so *everything* is Idol related. In some ways it's the ultimate in tagging! :P

I am curious if there are any more Lily stories in the works. It's one of those things that (for me) read better when you got the read everything at once then it did at the time. (I *liked it* at the time, but I think it comes off better when read in context) was a departure, but one that really worked, getting personal in a way that the fiction always had a definite personal edge to it and both immediately popped into my head, and both are examples once again that it's like the voters have radar for entries that *I* like and pick them off!!! (Sorry about that!)

It's interesting (to me) because this was another one of the "C crew" (there was a knot of contestants early on grouped closely together with usernames that started with a "C". It seemed like the more you tried to break them up into various tribes, that they all just ended up back together again!) so early on there was a little blurring of trying to remember who each of them was. Heavy fiction entries make it even more difficult, for me, to get a grasp on who someone is and what they are about. So I'll admit to not warming right away to her. I liked them just fine, but again, there's only so much time in a day.

I knew who she was, and I enjoyed the entries - but I wasn't really sat down and had to take a good long look until - I sat, I looked (and read) and started *really* liking what I saw.

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