clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Bonus Entry

I said last week was the final "Home Game" entry.

It was.

Because the "Home Game" is where people who are not current contestants write the same topic as the people who will be facing the vote.

Obviously, this week that wouldn't even be vaguely appropriate. The spotlight is, and should be, theirs.

They have more than earned in.

But the rest of you out there in Idol-land, I have one last entry for you to participate in and link back.

Many of you have played the game - or at least have been following it for awhile.

You have strong opinions. I know you guys, you're never short on strong opinions. :p

So here you go - the entry/entries on your plate, the last of Season 6 is quite simply

Why beautyofgrey should be the next LJ Idol" AND "Why rattsu should be the next LJ Idol".

It's pretty straight forward. Just make your case!

Link them back here. Have fun with it.
Tags: home game, season 6, week 37
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