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Voting - Week 36

A few words from clauderainsrm:

The Top 3 of Season 6. That magical place that so many have sought after and very few have achieved. 3 of them per season in fact!

Many people have indicated that they are happy to see these three in the finals.

I hate to break it to you. . .

There is a reason that this season's designs were so retro looking. There's a reason that there were two Gatekeeper rounds. That the Throwback topics that counted as intersections were in blocks of two. Heck, there's a reason there were throwback topics in the first place!!
Or that multiple topics tended to come in groups of twos. That the "twists" for this season were all slight variations on twists from older seasons and that there weren't very many of them.

There is also a reason why one of the topics this week was Back to Basics. If you go back through this season, there are a number of references to retro, and the number two keeps popping up.

Our first two seasons, that was the number of contestants who made it to the finals.

That is the case this season as well. (and yes, before you ask, that was also the reason for the Friday the 13th references I've made - because Idol is ending at the start of that week.)

Like last week, the link in the poll will lead you to the contestant's entries. Read them. Enjoy them, and please comment to let them know what you thought. Because everyone loves feedback.

Then vote for the ones you liked best overall, because the one with the fewest votes gets third place - and the other two advance to the finals!!

(*** Note: One of the the final three had a power outage. I emailed the other two to ask them what they thought of the situation, and that I would abide by what they thought was fair. As of this time, neither has responded. IF either one of them decides, within the next 24 hours, that that contestant should not be included, they will automatically be eliminated from this round, and we advance to the finals. I'm putting this one squarely in the hands of the people most impacted by it. ****) Word is in - these are the Top 3. Everyone is included. So choose wisely!

The poll will close, and the finals set, Thursday August 5th at 9pm EDT.
Good luck to everyone!

Poll #1600953 LJ Idol, Season Six, Merged Tribe, Week Thirty-Six

The Ballot:

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