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Green Room - Week 36 - 3 - Weekend Edition

Let me start by saying that the 'n' key on my keyboard has a mind of it's own.  Management is not responsible for any missing or extra n's.

I get to post a Green Room!  Gary told me I could post one if, in return, I promised not to mass ban everyone.  So you're all safe.  For now.  ;-)

So, it's the weekend.  It's the Top 3.  How about that? Pretty sweet, if you ask me. 

I was going to think of something wise and inspirational to point out, but Gary would probably come in and comment that it's all a secret ploy by me to get you all to send me bacon.  Which would be true. Now get on that, people.  I need bacon.

Actually, I'm going to have a bacon cheeseburger for dinner later.

No Pepsi though.  Trying to give that up.

So what's everyone got going on this weekend?  I've been off work since noon on Wednesday and I don't go back until Tuesday.  Just working on some stuff around the house, catching up on some dvr'd stuff and helping my niece and her son move into their apartment tomorrow.

I should link to various threads now...

Topic Thread
Home Game

So that's about it.  Have a great weekend, kids!
Tags: green room, week 36
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