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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 16)

Two more

kutiechick (Week 17) - Thank you for unlocking your entries!! There are a handful of people that locked everything up after their runs and so I wasn't able to reread anything! So, now that I can, I guess I better do that huh? ;) is where people reading this can go to in order to follow along with the fun/catch up on their reading!

I'm really glad that you did, because I think that you really do a great job at representing that fresh journaling POV that it seems people want to break away from because they want to be taken "seriously". Or perhaps "srsly" because they are forgetting that they are on livejournal!! There is plenty of space between "great works of literature" and a meme about your cats. Space filled with a depth of talent and insight, talking about who they are and who they want to become.

To me, this is where some of the best stuff on LJ can be found. People go at it in different ways, but I really appreciate how you use your voice to showcase where it is that you are at as a person. Opening that conversation with strangers can be difficult, but also rewarding. (Although not as rewarding as opening it up with yourself in the first place!)

Being able to find that place where you are comfortable with yourself as you are: , , and while continuing to care about the people around you and your relationships , and

Obviously these are general themes that tend to come up in your work, and I imagine, in your life. They come up with all of us, just not everyone manages to be as aware at times, or able to express it. Particularly not in such a clean looking style, while not forgetting to have some fun with it and .

The entries tend to be self aware, which is often enough something to avoid. You manage to make it work for you with the asides. I've seen a lot of people attempt it, and more times than not it falls flat. This isn't one of those times.

You are one of those people who just make this whole thing *fun*.

There are some people that you can pretty much tell when they are "done". They've hit what they have to say and are just tired. Rereading, I get the sense that you were close to hitting that bump that either knocked you off track or caused you to fly into the air. I'm betting the latter. I would have liked to see that flight, and where you would landed. Hopefully we get to see it next season! :)

whirled (Week 20) - People tend to say all kinds of things, and most of the time I let it go because it's usually not worth responding. But you did say one thing that I want to make sure is clarified before I get to anything else.

You indicated that I wouldn't known who you were if not for your side project. That's completely untrue. In fact during our first conversation on the subject, if you recall, you expressed surprise that I *did* know exactly who you were and was familiar with your work!

I was disappointed that you didn't go further last season, and was happy when you decided to come back this time around. I thought you had a lot more to offer. Obviously I was right about that.

It's sort of weird for me to look over the entries for the competition this season alongside the Home Game material. Because at the time, I liked the regular entries (I still do) but there is just something that feels more like *you* in the Home Game.

I don't know if you were holding back, or getting your footing, or frightened that some guy would accost you again when you are just trying to take a picture . (I've seen that guy around - but usually if you avoid seaports and bee hives you should be OK. contains the evidence of this. He's obviously the one on the right, wearing a thinly veiled disguise.)

Maybe you were too busy "living life" or stalking sailors , just chatting online

Whatever it is, it seems like you actually started having fun when you reached the Home Game. Which of course is one of the advantages of it, not having to worry if a haiku or a "ghetto comic" / / which are obviously things that you have a blast doing.

I think my personal favorite from you this season is , again, from the Home Game. and the regular competition (just so you won't think that I was ignoring you!) were both quite clever and I remember smiling for quite a while after each of them.

Considering your previous season, I wasn't entirely sure how long you would end up sticking around - but with "One Touch" I got the impression that you planned on being around for awhile.

You were able to get people's attention with and kept them talking with , but I really think the "One Touch" entry and the free topic brought everything together.

You really do have a lot to offer, and I hope you continue to explore and expand your strengths. I actually think you have decent instincts in the comic strip format. The most important thing though is to have fun with what you are doing. Too many people forget that and get caught up in the trying to micromanage the details instead of writing, just plain writing, and enjoying themselves.

As long as you are having fun, you are doing it right. Keep on doing it right! is where the fun is at.

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