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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 15)

A couple more.

intrepia (Week 34) - There were weeks, from about the midpoint on, where I put a mental pushpin of "she will unfortunately not last much longer" and every week I would be delightfully surprised to see you actually turn something in and make it through the polls! You probably caused me more deadline headaches than anyone else this season. Now that I think of it - anyone in the last couple of seasons! So take your bow (and don't mind if I kick you when you turn around to do it!!! :P) I should have probably saved your goodbye until the very last one just a moment before I shut the doors for the season!!!

I think there needs to be a clear distinction made between you and other people who have "pushed the envelope" in that many of those other cases it comes off more as "I am going to challenge the 'norm'" and/or an"Eliminate THIS!" kind of a challenge to the readers.

I never got that sense from you. (Maybe you are just more subtle about it! ;p)

It was always just the idea that you were doing your thing, and doing it exceptionally well.

Since it was just last round, I'm sure everyone remembers this tremendous piece. If they don't, read it now and share it with your friends and of course the Harry Potter fanfic Having my own background in the realm of fanfic I thought it was a really nice piece. Being the guy running Idol, I'll admit to cringing a bit with the thought of combining your renewed interest with your traditional love "OMG she is going to be doing poetry fanfic next - all the way to the finals!!!" :)

There are times when really want to go through and talk about each piece, and times when I know that it will just be a lot of repetitive - "Yeah, I liked that". You seem to fit more into the latter category. is the tag link, although I think you missed a couple! Maybe you're just waiting to link them!

I've heard "Elephant Bombs" mentioned a lot as a favorite entry although, let's be fair - that was only a couple weeks ago, it's fresh in their heads. Why can't they like THIS instead? I need to ask someone about that. Send out a request. To someone with the knowledge. Or this ?

I do think that people need to go back up to that tag link (posted above) and find *their* favorites. I would love to start a dialogue on the subject. What are *your* favorite pieces??? did make me wonder though if you might be attempting to meet deadlines on Chinese time!! (I'm trying to give you an out here!!!) was one of those entries that I hope stuck in people's heads as much as it stuck in mine and opened up the state of current political discourse in the United States. Which isn't good.

In your introduction, the last line is one that pretty much stated your purpose this season "But it also means that I'm hailing from a new place, equipped with new ideas and new stories awaiting a new birth, a new beginning -- which is what this is."

A lot of people *say* what they are going to do during the season. I think you actually did a really good job of pulling it off.

beeker121 (Week 23) is the key to unlocking one of the (strangely enough) best known under-appreciated multi-season contestants. I say this because when I see people talking about their favorite contestants from the last couple of seasons, her name usually ends up in the conversation. But for some reason, she also seems to fly under the radar for most of the competition. It seems more of an assumption of "Oh, of course she will be around. I'm sure that I'll enjoy reading her next week - wha?? She's no longer here?" that kind of sneaks up on you.

She just tends to bring a lot of life and fun into the process , , , , and of course ! (how can you forget an entry about someone handcuffing themselves!!)

I'm not sure counts as "joy" though. :P

Being capable of bringing a little joy into something that can often be filled with a lot of angst and darkness. That's quite special, and I am always glad to see when she is being recognized for that. Because being able to get that laugh takes as much skill as it does to get the tear. It's often a far more subtle technique. Although with that second link I'm not certain that I would accuse her of subtlety! :P

It's not all laughs though - not only shows an examination of idea of family and "how things work out" but when I was going back through the entries I was really struck by the format and how she chose to unfold the story. I thought it was interesting and worked rather well in this context.

I also really liked the meta examination of livejournal being the" possibility of communication, not a guarantee" It's one of those things that you almost wish could be published on the home page of LJ to get people to actually stop and think about what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

I think actually does a pretty decent job of summing up how I tend to feel reading her entries. They don't often get the "star treatment" and the spotlight, but the hard work and dedication is there, and that "touch" that she gives to her material, being able to sit down with the simple act of telling a story, that is a beautiful and special thing that far too many people have forgotten/never learned in the first place. It shows why she *should* be on the lists, and part of the conversations. She is able to make that real connection with people, because she is actually being real.

Heck, if I were putting together a list of my favorite people in Idol from the last two seasons, she would definitely be on it. I don't think she's even scratched the surface of what she is capable of writing, or becoming. especially got to me due to the times I would play with my niece when she was a kid, and the variations that I would throw into her routine. Fortunately, she went with it. She knew that when I was around, sometimes there were going to be zombies and stuffed animals who may decide to go on murderous rampages. It's just how things go. :)

"I don’t know exactly when or why I regained the ability to be silly without being afraid of being different." I think this is the one of the most crucial traits someone can hold onto or regain. It's nice when someone is able to do it, and do it so well.

Part of the beauty of the that that simple act of telling a story is that you can get to the end before realizing that there were bigger issues involved. Important life issues that just happened to also be about playing with dolls.

There was mention of expanding entries into larger works, and I am hoping that , , is what she is talking about! Because I really want to explore more of that place. Serial fiction is hit or miss in something like Idol, but I would love to read it all in one place in a larger context! (like, oh say, one of those book things people keep talking about. I've heard good things about them.)

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