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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 14)

A couple more in the long (but shrinking) line of goodbyes remaining!

strryeyedgrrl (Week 32) - It's kind of funny that she did really well last season as well, but for whatever reason I had her in my head as "not doing as well as expected". Of course, that just goes to show how far my expectations were for her!

I'd say she certainly lived up to them this time around!

I was trying to think of that one line that stands out, that line that you can put a push pin in and say "This is them", and it actually popped right out at me like a thing that pops out at you from nowhere - it was from her note on an rewrite of an old entry "A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an entry that purely full of shit"

Seriously? Who says that??? Even if the entry might not have lived up to what they wanted it to be, or it was thrown together - who actually raises their hand and says "Oh yeah, that completely sucked!"

She does, and it's part of what I find so appealing about her and her work. ""Motherfucker," I mumbled. "I'm all over that shit."" she decided and decided to turn a new topic into a "do over" for herself.

In any given season, I deal with a LOT of egos. People know more, write better, just plain are better, than everyone else around them. Even the people who say that they don't feel that way - on some level it comes out.

So when someone is just completely candid, and willing to own that sort of thing - it's refreshing. , , , , and who can forget !

It also means that when she speaks from the heart - it's going to make an impact.

There are a couple entries in fact that I don't foresee forgetting any time soon: and I don't see how *anyone* who read them will.

I really like her story construction , there is just such an openness to her phrasing and tempo, that brings you in to explore.

Considering my stance that Christopher Robin is one of the greatest villains in all of literature, I don't think it's any surprise that I loved this particular piece

I think the overwhelming aspect about her work though is just how *fun* it is. Especially once she teamed up with an artist. It was good before, but I think the combination created something bigger than them both, and made something worth reading into something quite special.

It feels like there is a lot more to say about her, but honestly, I think when you strip everything down what you see is what you get. It's ,another amazing run from someone who is just plain delightful to have around! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.

lawchicky (Week 27) - They say that you can tell a lot about a person from how they leave. It's not about how they arrive, all full of hope or what happens in between - it's all about their exit and what happens after that.

Well, to be fair, "they" don't say that. I do.

I say it because, season after season, it tends to be true. You can tell who is just out for themselves (which come on, it's a community of writers, there are going to be egos) and who is interested in the group. You can tell who wants the spotlight and who doesn't mind sharing it.

When the chips are down and you just don't know what else is in the tank - what do you do?

I think there need to be two facts put on the table before I get any further into writing this. (1) From the first couple of days in, she reminded me of chite. Because of this, I thought she had a decent shot. (2) There were a couple different points that I thought she was *going to* end up going all the way and taking it. She did end up hitting a bit of a speed bump that I think got her off her game for a bit. But she also seemed to recover quite well, game wise, and continued to produce some really cool stuff. Which is another important point. Having a smooth ride from the start to finish isn't important. In fact, if you have one, it probably means it wasn't a very interesting run. :P Being able to stumble here and there is important. I think she did (even if it wasn't by her own making) and managed to recover with her well deserved reputation as one of the more beloved figures in the season more than intact. (and ended up in the process of bringing another member into the cast of Idol: The Next Generation on top of that!!) Not bad at all.

But let's get to the part where I (seemingly randomly) start providing links to things that vaguely fit into what I am discussing. Seemingly they start as examples, but soon become just a mess of blue lines that everyone glosses over!)

There's usually a couple early pieces that stick out. Even in the crowd, there are some people that you just end up noticing, or more to the point, just not being able to ignore. She put herself on the list with the simple and yet heartbreaking beauty of , although that moment watching the button roll across the floor and bounce over the edge was certainly a wake up call that this was someone who I was going to be seeing for awhile.

It's that simple elegance to her words. It think it ends up capturing you and taking you along wherever she is going.

There are rough edges structurally, but honestly, I think in cases like this, that is where the heart tends to hang out - the eye drawing you into those spots and bringing you in. Sometimes what is waiting for you there is a clean potty and sometimes it's a quiet little moment that isn't quite what it seems and sometimes it will just be like this or at very least a little justice

But you know it's going to be good!

It's interesting an intersection can do for/to you though. Because she emerged from it a fiction writer, going from Week 12 to Week 17 completely fictional.

It's weird in that that hesitancy in her voice was gone, replaced by steady and confident one that I think she was able to bring back for which had a line that I wish more people would pay attention to "It has to do with both of us just being ourselves." I think she continued it , , , and especially - yet weave it back in to the fiction with and

I have to say, I lean more toward her non-fiction, especially after. I think she came out of it with a lot more structural focus.

Although I still think that announcing you are pregnant as an Idol entry is just cliche now. :P

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