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Green Room - Week 34 - 1

We had to say goodbye to two people last night -

Will the LJ Sisterhood succeed in dominating another season???? I guess we will find out! It's not looking good for the idea of a guy winning with only 1 left standing out of 7.

The US residents are only up by 1 as well. . . so the title could end up going over seas to be hoisted in pubs, huts and speakeasies and wherever else "those people" hang out while trying to confuse folks about what time it is!

Like Flava Flav looking in a mirror - we know what time it is, it's time for the new topics:

A couple of "asked but not frequently, yet" questions:

- Do the entries have to "intersect"?
As much as you want them to, just like every other partnering. Some people are going to tie them together more than others. Some people will like reading that more than others.

- The partner can not have played the actual competition before, any season. But is it OK if they have previously submitted a Home Game entry?


- Do we need to declare our partners when we post?


- Can I send you cookies?

Yes. Yes you may. :)


So, how are you doing today?
Tags: day 01, green room, season 6, week 34
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